Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Credit Cards Tips

  • Some credit card companies that charge annual fees for their cards will waive the fees if you just ask them. If you already have a credit card with an annual fee, try calling the company and ask them to waive the annual fee. This will make your existing credit card a free credit card!
  • When you get an offer for a credit card in the mail, you will generally get a better rate than if you search out the company on your own. This is because you are getting a special offer in the mail. However, you can call and ask the credit card company of the card you wish to apply for if they will give you a better interest rate. Or, ask if there are any promotional offers on interest rates available, such as for the first six months.
  • Many credit card companies will not accept applications by fax. This is because there is no way to authenticate your signature of acceptance. With a mail in application, you are providing your original signature. With a phone conversation, your voice can be recorded accepting the card.

How to get a credit card

There are many different types of credit cards. You can find bank credit cards, airline credit cards, prepaid credit cards and more. Unfortunately, some of these credit cards cost you some sort of fee to use! This is aside from the interest you are already going to pay for any balance you have at the end of each month, and usually comes in the form of an annual fee. This article will explore how to apply for a free credit card that doesn't charge the annual fee.

Things You’ll Need:

  • Internet connection and computer
  • Telephone
  • Mail offerings for credit cards
Respond to an offer you receive in the mail for a free credit card, by mailing in the application form or by calling the toll free number. If you have decent credit, chances are you will receive offers for free credit cards in the mail. When you get an offer, read it over carefully to make sure there is no annual fee. Also be careful that the annual fee isn't just waived for the first year, and then you have to pay. If you have any questions, call the company and ask.
Think of a credit card company that you have heard about, maybe through a friend or you've seen someone else's card at work. Perhaps you saw someone with a Disney credit card, or maybe Wells Fargo. Go online, and do a search for 'Disney credit card,' and you should pull up the website for this credit card. Then you can apply online or call the toll free number listed to apply.
Try your credit union. If you are a member of a credit union, your credit union may have its own credit card. Credit unions can often have better interest rates (as well as no annual fees), being that many of them are owned by the customers themselves!
Think of a popular credit card that you would like to have. There are some big names out there like Chase and Citibank, so you could apply through one of these companies. If you pull up Citibank's website, listed in the resources you will see that there are many different types of credit cards you can apply for, based on your interests and needs. On the home page you can pick what you are looking for in a card, and one option is no annual fee (a free credit card.)
Go online and do a search for free credit cards. You should be able to pull up many different companies that are offering credit cards with no annual fee. There is a great website that actually finds different free credit cards for you to apply for right from their site, once you determine what type of card you are looking for. This site is listed in the resources.